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Okay, so I'd seen this show before in prior years, and never given it that much thought. Tonight, I was over at a friend's house for a dinner party, though, and the TV happened to be operating in the background with the sound turned down. After a while, when conversation in our end of the room was dying down, another girl asked to have the captions turned on so we could follow it, and I got treated to a goodly chunk of an episode of What Not to Wear on TLC.

Has anyone else watched this show? Is it just me, or is it incredibly skeevy? If someone secretly videotaped me without my knowledge or consent for two weeks, then came to my job and publicly humiliated me in front of all of my coworkers by making a big, dramatic speech about how awful my clothes were, and then tried to pressure me into accepting a bribe in order to allow them to take most of my clothes away and replace them with ones they felt were more stylish...yeah, no. They would not be getting a new contestant. What they would be getting would be very sincere attempt to find out if I could sue them for anything along the lines of harassment, defamation, or invasion of privacy.

I guess a lot of women are reluctant to go on the show and there's wheedling and convincing and harping on how awful they look and by God they had better live up to society's version of femininity if they want to get anywhere in this world until they're shamed into giving in. Utterly despicable. This is not to mention that they insist on putting every single woman in high heels, regardless of her job or the fact that high heels are basically torture devices. Then half the time I can't tell any stylistic difference between the outfits they say are terrible and the ones that are supposedly the best thing since sliced bread anyway. And with this one woman, they seemed to be freaking the fuck out about how she wore a baggy gray hoodie when she was walking the dog on the weekends. Really?

I'm having flashbacks to Letter from an Unknown Woman, here. Why do other women perpetuate this bullshit?
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