Aug. 29th, 2009 05:03 pm
I've had the novel Jumper in my possession for a while, and read it soon after getting down here to Florida. I'd been interested in the movie when I first saw the previews since the basic concept was an appealing one, but had read reviews recommending that one read the book instead. So I did, and it was utterly fantastic. I had trouble putting it down, and the older sci fi books I've been reading since have been disappointing because I miss reading Jumper. That's how much I liked it. But, having read it, I decided to get the movie from Netflix and see what they'd done with it. I knew it wasn't going to be great, but I figured that with such good source material, it had to at least be watchable, right?

Wrong. Completely awful. I absolutely loathe this movie. Couldn't even sit through it without getting my computer out and writing a review explaining how much I hate it to distract myself.

here is that review )

In other news, I'm still working on that paper. This was my break from paper writing, and in retrospect it was not worth taking.
Okay, so I requested the questions for this meme more than half a month ago. I've been busy. Seriously. And now I have time.

The meme, as a reminder: 1) Make a list of 15 characters and assign each character a number.

2) Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them, i.e. "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?"

3) Post the list of characters and answers to the questions.

The list, the questions, and the answers )
Okay, so I was poking around Amazon.com to see if I could find a copy of the beyond awesome film adaptation of Crime and Punishment that was directed by Lev Kulidzhanov back in 1969 or 1970 (and there are copies on there...for $60), and I happened to skim the reviews.

FUNNIEST THING EVER. The original page is here. I laughed so hard that I probably sounded like a dying animal, and the best part is that it's in character! *glee*

So without further ado, I bring you Raskolnikov meets Dr. Phil, by 'Mark Twain' of Amazon.com )

hmm, ah

Oct. 7th, 2005 08:50 pm
Another note on Jaws: Mystic tells me that in real life, the tank would not have exploded. Instead, it would have shot a tunnel through Bruce's guts.

Hmm...not quite as spectacular of a visual.

In other news, I am trying to write! And I mean real writing, not getting drunk and smacking my hands against the keyboard until I have a "chapter" for OOC Jack. By the way, if you didn't check that out, it's here, and yes, I really was intoxicated when I did that. I'd had a beer and half a bottle of some really fine wine. And yes, I did appreciate it instead of chugging it. Took me a while because of that. What's really disturbing is the fact that, even while I was drunk off my feet, I still stuck in a Monty Python reference.

Anyway...there might be something soon. I have a huge project in the works that won't be ready for a long time yet, but I'm trying to scribble down a few one-shots during my breaks at work. Beats staring at the wall.

Buuut...school. Ugh. I still have half of Sister Carrie left to read, and we were supposed to have it done yesterday and there's a test on Tuesday.


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