So I just watched Sita Sings the Blues for my animation class--it was made using roughly the same software that's available to us at the university (she used Flash, but we're using ToonBoom), so our instructor wanted us to see what can be done with consumer-grade equipment. It's very impressive in that regard, and it's an awesome movie to boot. It's free to download in its entirety if you visit the filmmaker's website, so check it out.

And I'm really thinking I'm going to have to pony up and buy the software we're using in class (i.e. ToonBoom Studio and After Effects) so I can keep working on the computer after I graduate. I think I've said it before, but homemade animation is really the kind of filmmaking I'm most interested in pursuing--you can do anything you want, and you can do it at your own desk.

But for now, I need to get up and get moving so I can get to campus in time to reserve lab time before going to see Spartacus. So that's me stuck on campus for ages tonight with that three-hour screening and then trying to at least start the project I have for animation. Or I might be naughty and just not start the project before class tomorrow like we're supposed to. I do at least know what I'm doing and have the materials I'll need. That might be preferable, since tonight I really have to come home and get something typed up to talk to my thesis advisor about tomorrow afternoon.
I keep itching for an excuse to switch from doing homework to watching more Jeeves & Wooster. Am trying to pace myself, though, and also to actually do some of my homework this weekend. I didn't wake up until one in the afternoon again today, which was pretty lame. I get what should be a sufficient amount of sleep during the week, but then when I get a chance (or even when I don't) I find myself sleeping for ten or twelve hours at a time. I remember hearing that excessive sleeping is a symptom of depression, so that's not a good sign. I don't want to be depressed - not because of the stigma attached to that, but because it would be so incredibly inconvenient. I should probably go exercise or something, since that seems to help, but it's hard to get the motivation stirred up for it when I really don't like exercising (it's boring).

In other news, I have at least finished my Russian workbook chapter, and deleted my Elfwood accounts (they hadn't been updated since high school and I was tired of getting emailed flames for artwork I'd forgotten I'd even done). That's about it, though.

The only other news is that I've started drawing a lot in women and film, since we're not allowed to have laptops in that class. Give me a notebook and a lecture, and it's drawing time - the only reason I don't draw all over my Russian notes is that there's a constant demand for participation. I'm uploading the latest page of drawings to devART as something to put in scraps, since it's very rare for me to update there anymore. Sometime I should go over to Fanart Central, grab all the pictures I still care about, put them on devART, and delete my FC account as well to make things all tidy and centralized.

Here's the new submission.



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