Well, I've finally posted all my super 8 films from fall 2006 (my first semester of production courses) on YouTube, having managed to show one, and only one, at a film festival, where it was nominated for "best bad film" but did not get the prize. Distressing.

I'm going to link instead of embedding because you really need to click on the "watch in high quality" button under the video to get them to look even halfway decent, and I don't know if that shows up on embedded videos. Also, this way I don't feel bad about not putting this under a cut.

The first is the aforementioned nominee at the BFD, Dog Dreams of Autumn. The title was shortened to Dog Dreams by the organizers of that festival, but if you're going to put a pretentious title on something you shot in your backyard with your brother and your dog, you might as well go all the way. By the way, don't ever try shooting something you have to edit in-camera with an animal.

I think that Sick Day was the second film I shot that semester, but I'm honestly not sure. Well, it was the second one I shot, but not necessarily the second one I made, since I'm not sure whether it came before or after the next one on the list.

Seasons was my first attempt at a cameraless/scratch film, and I think it's a fairly good first attempt. Sometime maybe I should upload my new direct film, but I'm kind of thinking of expanding on it and seeing if TIE will show it.

Last but not least is The Making Of, which was, ironically enough, a giant pain in the ass to shoot. Keeping things in focus was never really one of my strong points...but never mind that, just look at the stop motion, which is less wobbly than in Sick Day. We shot several more stop motion shots than appear in the final film, but they came back unusable, either because of exposure or focus.
I was up until 2:30 this morning finishing and burning my third and final visual diary project. I would have been done sooner, but I wanted to make something a bit more engaging this time, since the previous two were pretty much just still images with me doing a voiceover explaining what they were. Even I was bored by them.

This went over pretty well in class, and I'm pleased with it, so I figured I'd show you. At the moment it's saying it's "no longer available," but the website tells me that's because it's still processing.

You know that little video project? I finished it.

It's made of crack. I'm both embedding and linking in case the embedding doesn't work.

Doctor Who: The Esurance Quest

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THAT is a link to a video of a woodpecker messing up a house. I made it today. That woodpecker makes me angry.

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