Mmkay, so there are a few things on my mind...but first, I did make those icons and write those ficlets tonight. Only two of each.

The icons )

And now, the ficlet/drabble thingummers:

PotC for Kiwi )

For Boz, an original story )By the way, Boz, your story had me stuck all week. Heheh.

In other news, I'm almost done with working at the daycare. The kids really aren't so bad...they've been behaving surprisingly well for the most part, though today I had the one who tends to wander in my group on the trip, and that's always just ever so fun. We went and picked strawberries today, and you wouldn't believe how good they tasted. I just have to get up obscenely early tomorrow for the resevoir trip, and then Friday's a shorter day for me and we'll just take the kids around to meet their teachers. After that, I have a week off and then glorious school.

I watched The Cherry Orchard tonight and was bored out of my mind. Fortunately, I hardly paid any attention to it at all until Mom came home and helped me MST it. We decided that it needed some monster action, and were amused by the Scottish Russians. Seriously...Gerry Butler didn't even make an effort to change his accent. I still love that he spends about half his screen time wearing both a belt and a pair of suspenders. It reminds me of Once Upon a Time in the West. "You can't even trust your own pants!"

Seriously, though, I bet the suspenders were there to keep him from taking his shirt off. Better still, though--his name was misspelled in the credits. It said Gerald instead of Gerard.
...sorry, Mr. Leroux.

5. The Lost Queen by Chain of the Harmonica
After the war of the ring, everything is as it should be until a mysterious Queen shows up and everything starts to change from there.

'The Lost Queen' (or 'Queenie', if you will) )

13. Gone by Onde
With one shot of a canon, Will's life is changed forever. How will he coupe? Warning: Death and Slash WTJS R&R

Gone )

Mmm...apologies also to anyone on the flist who'll get this post twice because they're also in the PPC Plotholes community.

I watched Dracula 2000 again last night and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I turned the commentary on and actually spent most of the time with the movie in the background while I edited my *cough* fanfic...parody...thing. It's...yeah. I'm looking forward to posting that even though the D2K fanbase is teensy. You'll all read it, right? *puppy eyes* Not that it's anywhere near done, and I ought to be working on OOC Jack...but that one can probably wait until the second movie comes out and we get flooded with badfic again. And yea, still in the middle of the PotO story, but I just recently finished a chapter and sent it off to Frotu for editing, and what with all the school stuff she has to deal with right now it's going to be a while before she sends it back, and then after that we have to work on the next part of the outline before I can write again anyway. Twelve chapters and we've finally covered the first of thirty-five years.

Anyway, as I meant to say before I went off about fanfiction, I posted a review of the film to IMDb. Seriously, it's a funny, funny movie.

Still feeling the kilt love. Gehhh....
I finally got around to making icons--not like there were too many to make.

One Father Ted, three Attila, two Bartleby, and three V for Vendetta.

Teaser: Image hosting by Photobucket

deedleedoo )
So here we are again--picspamming. Photobucket's working for me once more.

I think I shall watch Dear Frankie once more, with the commentary turned on, then force myself to put it right back in the envelope and return it--best take full advantage of having Netflix by getting as many movies as I can. It's awfully expensive to buy a copy of Dear Frankie, but such is life.

Anyhooo, picspamming time. I have icons, a sort of ramble/rant about the short film Please! with pictures to illustrate, and some pictures of things in the amusement parks, including something that rather surprised me and that I'm sure my fellow Lost fans will appreciate.

It's icon time! I have both Gerry and Johnny, so take your pick.
Sample: Image hosting by Photobucket
Icons! )

Next we have the film Please! which I saw earlier tonight after Dear Frankie. It's only fifteen minutes long, and you can go see it on AtomFilms if you have Real Player or Windows Media Player. Apparently it was quite popular at various festivals, though I don't really see why. I've put all the images under links because there were so many, and be warned, HERE BE SPOILERS!
Get in the car or my brain gets it! )

Holy poo, it's time for pictures from Real Life--or as real as it gets down here.
Weehoo, amusement parks! )



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