Finally went through my messages on deviantart tonight, and uploaded a few pictures to show that I really am still drawing. All of these are from my animation project.

Background 1
Background 2
Background 3


Still frame with Dido
A still frame with both Dido and the flock of geese

So I just watched Sita Sings the Blues for my animation class--it was made using roughly the same software that's available to us at the university (she used Flash, but we're using ToonBoom), so our instructor wanted us to see what can be done with consumer-grade equipment. It's very impressive in that regard, and it's an awesome movie to boot. It's free to download in its entirety if you visit the filmmaker's website, so check it out.

And I'm really thinking I'm going to have to pony up and buy the software we're using in class (i.e. ToonBoom Studio and After Effects) so I can keep working on the computer after I graduate. I think I've said it before, but homemade animation is really the kind of filmmaking I'm most interested in pursuing--you can do anything you want, and you can do it at your own desk.

But for now, I need to get up and get moving so I can get to campus in time to reserve lab time before going to see Spartacus. So that's me stuck on campus for ages tonight with that three-hour screening and then trying to at least start the project I have for animation. Or I might be naughty and just not start the project before class tomorrow like we're supposed to. I do at least know what I'm doing and have the materials I'll need. That might be preferable, since tonight I really have to come home and get something typed up to talk to my thesis advisor about tomorrow afternoon.

This is me playing around with the tablet and learning the basics of ToonBoom. Took maybe about two hours, and I found out afterwards that there were easier ways of doing some of the things I did here. LIVE AND LEARN.


Oct. 5th, 2008 01:49 pm
As at least one of you knows, I participated in the [ profile] dw_cross ficathon this year. The names of the authors were posted a while ago, allowing me to crosspost and claim credit, but I hadn't gotten around to it because I wanted to do a little teensy bit of editing and reformat it to work on

Anyway, here it is: Let’s Do the Time Loop Again, a Stargate SG-1 crossover based on one of my favorite SG-1 episodes, Window of Opportunity. It involves both loss of sanity and an unintentional trip (or ninety) to Siberia.

I'm starting to think about crossposting my DW fics to Teaspoon. I got an account on there last night so I could review stories people hadn't bothered to crosspost to or LJ. I kind of prefer to keep using because of the whole Tin Dog thing, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to put my work up in two places.

ETA: And, on an unrelated note, you can has animayshun:

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