48 icons:
32 Doctor Who
3 Blackpool
6 David Tennant
3 Casanova
1 Beauty and the Beast
1 Lord of the Rings
1 Eli Stone
1 Inu-Yasha

1 2 3

I think this must be my biggest icon post yet )
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I made that this weekend, and you can bet I'm pleased. I still have a big icon post coming up, but I still don't know when and since Platy's using this one already I thought I'd share the love with my flist in advance. Comments and credits are nice, as usual, and if anyone asks if they can snag it the answer is yes if they credit. Spreeeeeaaad theeee loooooove.
Woot! My first-ever batch of full-motion icons (though there are a good number of stills and frame animations in there), and it's just...so...spiffy.

So we have one of the third Doctor, three of the fourth, one of the ninth, twelve of the tenth, one of a Dalek, and one of David Tennant. If you're on my flist (as opposed to coming here via [livejournal.com profile] dwicons), you'll have seen some of these before. The good news is that I modified the one that was too big last time I posted it, so every one of these should be within the file size limits. Please to be telling me if they're not.

Teasers:  biscuit base    snogging    mum slap

Take as many as you like, so long as you credit me. The textless ones can be used as bases if you like, but if you do use them that way I'd appreciate it if you showed me the end product.
They're aliiiive! )

ETA: Added #20 because I just now remembered that it had not previously been shown on [livejournal.com profile] dwicons.



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