Mmkay, so there are a few things on my mind...but first, I did make those icons and write those ficlets tonight. Only two of each.

The icons )

And now, the ficlet/drabble thingummers:

PotC for Kiwi )

For Boz, an original story )By the way, Boz, your story had me stuck all week. Heheh.

In other news, I'm almost done with working at the daycare. The kids really aren't so bad...they've been behaving surprisingly well for the most part, though today I had the one who tends to wander in my group on the trip, and that's always just ever so fun. We went and picked strawberries today, and you wouldn't believe how good they tasted. I just have to get up obscenely early tomorrow for the resevoir trip, and then Friday's a shorter day for me and we'll just take the kids around to meet their teachers. After that, I have a week off and then glorious school.

I watched The Cherry Orchard tonight and was bored out of my mind. Fortunately, I hardly paid any attention to it at all until Mom came home and helped me MST it. We decided that it needed some monster action, and were amused by the Scottish Russians. Seriously...Gerry Butler didn't even make an effort to change his accent. I still love that he spends about half his screen time wearing both a belt and a pair of suspenders. It reminds me of Once Upon a Time in the West. "You can't even trust your own pants!"

Seriously, though, I bet the suspenders were there to keep him from taking his shirt off. Better still, though--his name was misspelled in the credits. It said Gerald instead of Gerard.



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