Just Johnny Depp and Caroline Thompson chillin' at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas. I dun took this video myself.
So here we are again--picspamming. Photobucket's working for me once more.

I think I shall watch Dear Frankie once more, with the commentary turned on, then force myself to put it right back in the envelope and return it--best take full advantage of having Netflix by getting as many movies as I can. It's awfully expensive to buy a copy of Dear Frankie, but such is life.

Anyhooo, picspamming time. I have icons, a sort of ramble/rant about the short film Please! with pictures to illustrate, and some pictures of things in the amusement parks, including something that rather surprised me and that I'm sure my fellow Lost fans will appreciate.

It's icon time! I have both Gerry and Johnny, so take your pick.
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Icons! )

Next we have the film Please! which I saw earlier tonight after Dear Frankie. It's only fifteen minutes long, and you can go see it on AtomFilms if you have Real Player or Windows Media Player. Apparently it was quite popular at various festivals, though I don't really see why. I've put all the images under links because there were so many, and be warned, HERE BE SPOILERS!
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Holy poo, it's time for pictures from Real Life--or as real as it gets down here.
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icon time!

Feb. 14th, 2006 10:30 pm
Four Johnny Depps and one Lost. Argh, so much practicing, Mr. Depp.

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Apr. 25th, 2005 08:51 pm
Yes, Icons behind the cut! Woot!

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In other news, there was a bomb threat today, which certainly livened things up out at the film school.
Yes, I made an astounding amount of icons yesterday and today, and I do mean truly astounding. There's so many I have trouble keeping them all straight, but I'mm give it a shot and try to put them all in categories for you.

Oh, and they're all Johnny Depp. This seems unhealthy, but also fun.

Please please please, tell me what you think, take some and use them, all that, just credit me.

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